GH Sheetmetal is a family owned & operated business. Established in 1977 by Gordon & Jan Hallahan. Currently run by Scott & Cathie Hallahan.

The company is well established and has many suppliers for a wide range of industrial, commercial and automotive products. Supplying a large range of sheetmetal products and fabrication services to the NSW country area.

We specialise in automotive Custom Fabrication and Alloy and Stainless Steel fabrication.

Custom Fabrication

The magnitude of building a custom hot rod, race car or bike brings many trials, tribulations, setbacks and a tremendous number of challenges.

The only way a project gets completed is because someone has to care. The owner has to care enough to commit the financial resources to the project. The fabricator has to care enough, takes commitment and the willingness to go the extra mile necessary to achieve a state of near perfection. We have proven our custom design and fabrication skills are second to none.

We pride ourselves in our fabrication of any project we take on. We are renowned for our commitment and quality of our projects.