Decorative Privacy Screens

img_0011Decorative  privacy screens

Our decorative privacy screens are plasma cut and come in a range of designs to choose between.

The options are endless… from a single metal screen, to one design covering 3 panels or even a few screens of the same pattern put together to make a large work of metal garden art (and hiding the neighbours).

Our large screens are 1220mm x 2440mm when flat.

If you like the look of the 50mm folded sides the large screens become 1120mm x 2340mm.

We also offer small screens for when you have that blank space that needs filling with a rusty metal screen or decorative metal mirror.

Our small screens are 1220mm x 610mm when flat.

If the 50mm folded sides are more your style the small decorative screens become 1120mm x 510mm when folded.

So if it’s rusty metal garden art you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

We certainly do offer the option of powder coated decorative screens, metal mirrors and decorative garden light towers.